I am an instinctive creative exercising my urges in different forms. Kindly find my portfolio of published work below. I’m also the founder for DANDANO, a pan-african platform for african film and music criticism.

My first love is Poetry and I always yearn to communicate complex ideas in complex sentence in my poems. Most of the decent ones are documented here on my blog (Poetry: The Lost Scrolls ) .

Published work [Literary Mags]:

Sisa Marauders (AFREADA)

On The Return (Brittle Paper)

A Rainy Morning in Accra + I Kill (Flash Fiction Ghana)

Romans and Waterfalls (Brittle Paper) also here.

Lets Go + I  Have Heard My Father’s Voice (Circumspecte).


Kenkey for Ewes and Other Very Short Stories

Essays and non-fiction.

Pseudo-Intellectual Feminism: A Good Example of Bad Behavior (Circumspecte) and An Encounter with Ghana Must Go Writer Taiye Selasi (My Personal Fave!)


In Memoriam: Portraits of the Middle Passage, In Situ/The Nkyinkyim Installation; by Kwame Akoto Bamfo, curated by Daniel Dunson. Three poems. (June – September 2017).


Talking to Bubblegum Club South Africa about my work with DANDANO.

Journalistic writing:

Accra[dot]Alt: Hakeem Adam 

OkayAfrica (2): Hakeem Adam

Between10and5: Hakeem Adam

Culture Trip (30): Hakeem Adam

Circumspecte: Hakeem Adam

Dynamic Africa: Hakeem Adam

What’s On Africa: Hakeem Adam

Thought Catalog : Hakeem Adam




Personal Favorites:

Interview With James Barnor

Ousmane Sembene and African Film making

The Siren of Faso Fani

Nakom Film review

These 6 Ghanaian Artists Are Continuing to Push the Boundaries of Photography

An Encounter with Ghana Must Go Writer Taiye Selasi

And finally my video art installations